We’re here to help you achieve your dreams.
You’ve been caught up in the minutia of business. Managing your email, calendar, electronic files, and what you might say is necessary, but feels evil. It’s the administrative stuff that gets in the way of you really doing your job. You need to be free from the little tasks so that you can focus more on the bigger picture. You need to do only what you can do for your business. That’s where we come in. You’ve got the dream. We’ve got the doers. We provide remote Executive Assistants to dreamers like you. We’d love to help you achieve your dreams.

We have been using Dream Support for several years now and I would HIGHLY recommend them! I should have done this years ago and because of all the efforts of our entire EA team we have now been able to multiply our business and our reach to the community! Even if you just start out small like we did and expand as you can it will be so worth it!

Working with my virtual executive assistant through Dream Support has been nothing shy of a game changer for me and our business. She frees me up to spend my time on the highest leverage actions and keep our organization moving in the right direction. Can't imagine life without her frankly.

Letting go of control is a challenge, but at some point I realized the limiting factor to our growth was me! I was unwilling to offload tasks that were better suited to another person's skill set, and never seemed to have time to do the work I truly love. Now I have many more hours in my month to focus on the parts of development work I truly enjoy - communication with donors and execution of the high-level agenda for our organization - rather than wrestling with spreadsheets or typing up meeting notes.

I have loved working with my Executive Assistant and I'm so glad I took this step to work with your team and hire an EA. 🙌