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Ever wondered how successful CEOs stay on top of their game?

It’s not about being superhuman – it’s about having the right systems in place that enable them to work well with their Exec. Assistant. 

Here’s a snapshot into how Dan Martell, one such CEO, works with his EA: 

  • Clone Yourself (with an EA): The first step? Get yourself a clone – well, sort of. Invest in an Executive Assistant who can handle your inbox like a champ. 👥
  • The No-Go Zone: Give up control of your inbox! Don’t CC your assistant; give them control. Commit to not touching an email until your assistant has processed it. This isn’t losing power; it’s gaining control of your time. 🚫
  • Email GPS: Your inbox is like a public to-do list. Organize it with a folder structure that works for you. From personal emails to financial information to newsletters, create categories that make processing a breeze. 🗂️
  • The Daily Admin Review: Sit down with your assistant daily to review what needs attention. Cover everything from your personal list to project updates. 📅
  • Closing the Loop: Keep tabs on what’s happening in your inbox with cues in Slack. Stay informed about meetings scheduled, purchases made, project updates, and decisions taken. 🔍

Want to dive deeper into these 5 systems?

I’ve outlined his approach from his videos and book on this summary page

Cheering You On,

P.S. Here’s a link to Dan’s book: Buy Back Your Time. 🚀