photo of people near wooden table

Movies without conflict are boring. πŸ’€

Shows without drama are bleh. πŸ‘Ž


They lack purpose! 🌠

We find our deepest meaning when we’re fighting for a cause, a dream, or a purpose and that purpose needs to be bigger than ourselves! πŸ’₯

You might be fighting for a thriving business, for a healthier lifestyle, or for a cause close to your heart. Regardless of the scale, each fight gives our lives a richer hue, and a deeper purpose. But the opposite is true as well…

The Void Without a Battle 🌌

Imagine a life without a battle, a pursuit, or a dream. It’s like staring into an endless void, void of purpose and meaning. It’s in our struggles that we discover who we are, what we’re made of, and what truly matters.

So the question is, What Are You Fighting For? πŸ₯Š

What dream, cause, or purpose sets your soul on fire? πŸ”₯

Your answer is a compass 🧭 guiding you towards a life rich with meaning and significance.

Let’s embrace our battles, big and small, knowing that each one adds depth to our purpose. May this week be filled with meaningful fights, purposeful pursuits, and a heart that beats to the rhythm of your dreams. ✨

Micah Foster, Co-Owner