• Astronauts and Astronomers
    In a recent interview, an applicant said they loved this quote, “There are two types of people in the world, Astronauts and Astronomers.” She explained… 👨‍🚀 Astronauts are the ones who GO 🚀 and explore the final frontier.  🔭 Astronomers are the ones who ensure that those who GO 🚀 … Read more
  • The Weekly Huddle
    The Weekly Huddle is the perfect way to keep things moving in the same direction with your remote Executive Assistant.  It can be 15-60 minutes and I prefer a Monday or Tuesday zoom call, 📸 on! But let’s just say 30-45 min is a good 🎯 and tends to be … Read more
  • Brain Space
    I’m always looking to learn from those we work with because experience doesn’t make you better, evaluated experience makes you better.  Or as John Maxwell says, “Experience is not the best teacher; evaluated experience is the best teacher.“ 🍎 Here are three things I’ve learned in interviewing 5 clients (3 … Read more
  • Little League Fight
    Two adults, and a teenager, almost got into a 🤜🤛-fight at my 9-year-old son’s game a few weeks ago. Here’s what happened: A coach was attempting to locate a 🔑 to unlock a storage container from the high school kid working in the snack bar. Here’s his approach… He walks … Read more
  • Projects vs. Ownership
    Most new clients we work with have never had a remote EA before and they ask questions like this: ❓ “Should I give my new remote Executive Assistant projects to work on or… How does this work best?” ❓ The answer is “Yes AND…” Don’t stop at projects! 🚧 Projects … Read more
  • Simple Arbitrage vs Value Enhanced Arbitrage
    I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two basic forms of arbitrage: Simple Arbitrage and Value Enhanced Arbitrage  First let’s define the word Arbitrage. “In economics and finance, arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a difference in prices in two or more markets; striking a combination of … Read more
  • Filling the Trust Gap
    I once 😴 through a final exam. Let me explain… I had been sick, stressed and woke up late the morning of the test. I barely got myself together, 🏃‍♂️ across campus (lots of stairs, BTW) and into the room only to find that everyone was gone, including the professor. … Read more