people on a video call

The Weekly Huddle is the perfect way to keep things moving in the same direction with your remote Executive Assistant. 

It can be 15-60 minutes and I prefer a Monday or Tuesday zoom call, 📸 on!

But let’s just say 30-45 min is a good 🎯 and tends to be the sweet spot.

Here’s my Weekly Huddle template:

  • 👋 PersonalCatch Up (3-5 Minutes)
    • How are you doing with X?
    • How was your X?
  • 🥳 Celebrate (2-3 Minutes)
    • It’s important to share the WINS
  • 💡 Feedback & Questions (5-7 Minutes)
    • It’s important to give feedback on their work and adjust as you go
    • This is also where your Exec. Assistant asks questions about unfinished business or past items
  • 🎯 Goals – 6×6 (10-15 Minutes)
    • What’s a 6×6? Check here
    • This is where you give direction on priorities
  • ▶️ ReviewActions (5 Minutes)
    • Clarify – Who will do what, when? Who owns it?
    • Have your EA list out the action items and appropriately assign them to the right person, with due dates in your preferred task or project management system (Asana, Click-Up, Google Drive, Apple Reminders, etc.)
    • They keep digital notes for every meeting and share them with you.

The best part? 

…they EXECUTE.

That’s it, all done.

What unique twist do you bring to your check-ins with your EA? I’d love to know!

-Micah Foster, Co-Owner