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I’m always looking to learn from those we work with because experience doesn’t make you better, evaluated experience makes you better. 

Or as John Maxwell says, “Experience is not the best teacher; evaluated experience is the best teacher.

🍎 Here are three things I’ve learned in interviewing 5 clients (3 current and 2 former) in the past couple of weeks:

  1. The success of working with an EA is largely dependent on the client’s willingness to exercise self-discipline, maintain great communication and commit to the process.
  2. It’s not just about how much time an EA works or how many tasks they perform, it’s about the relief a client feels because their BRAIN SPACE increases.
  3. Our kick-off process and on-going support makes all the difference.

🧠 Though these are not totally revolutionary ideas, let’s just zero in on the idea of Brain Space for a moment.

A leader only has so much focus and mental energy. If their brain is always telling them random, yet important, information about follow-up, follow-through and administrative work—it cuts down on their ability to do the things that actually grow their leadership or opportunity. 

⚡ It’s important to identify the things that only YOU can do and find a way to empower others to take on the rest. 

⚡ In my experience, I am the most motivated to delegate and release things to my assistants when I am very busy.

⚡ It’s when my brain gets overloaded with things to do, that I know I’m not giving enough away.

⚡ A question I hear a lot is this, “When should I be looking to hire my Remote EA?

For most busy leaders, it comes down to two-options:

  1. Lead with a Scarcity and Necessity — Wait until your BRAIN SPACE becomes scarce and your busyness dictates you must get help.
  2. Lead with an Abundance and Vision — Decide to start with an Executive Assistant now, so that you have greater 🧠 SPACE to grow. 

No judgment here. I’ve been both. But, no matter which one you decide to be, I’m here to help.

-Micah Foster, Co-Owner