What do our Virtual Assistants do? 
Every Dream Support Virtual Assistant is a US based assistant. Skills vary and your match depends on your needs, but broadly speaking, we offer the following services.
Email Management
Email is one of the biggest time and energy sucks of the day. We can prioritize your email so that you only deal with what is important.
Strategic Calendaring
Our Virtual Assistants can help you maximize your calendar. Everything from time-blocking to scheduling appointments. They help you manage your time so that you can concentrate on your dream.
Reconcile Expenses
Our Virtual Assistants can help you reconcile your receipts so that you can get your head out of the details and on the bigger picture.
Social Media
Our Virtual Assistants can help you manage your social media scheduling. You’ve worked hard to create content that is helpful for your followers and we want to make sure it gets out!
Database Management
Everyone uses some sort of database to manage information that is vital to your business. Let us help you manage the upkeep.
Project & Task Management
Utilizing the online tools that you are most comfortable with, we can help manage the details of your business.
Systems and Processes
Your business needs a foundation it can build on. Our VA’s can help you put systems and processes in place to help you become more efficient and prepare you for future growth.
Custom Created Solutions
We understand that your needs are completely unique. Each client’s Virtual Assistant will provide the support that is necessary to help you achieve your dream.

Our Virtual Assistants are learners and we offer continual training so they can expand their expertise in order to better support your dream.