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“TIME MANAGEMENT is the #1 challenge for most leaders.” Those were the results of a recent study that focused on 200 agency owners.

But it’s just agency owners… it’s busy leaders everywhere!

As we all know, people are:

  • Over-scheduled 🗓️
  • Over-tasked ✅
  • And extremely distracted 🐿️

Dream Support LLC has been working to solve this issue since 2018!

Hiring an Executive Assistant changes everything.

🤔 How? Examples…

  • Email Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Travel Planning/Booking
  • Orders Supplies
  • Managing Vendors
  • Organizing Nonprofit Work
  • Transcribing Board Minutes
  • Invoicing & Payments
  • And the list goes on…

“That all sounds great. But Micah, it’s so hard to get started!”

As a former church-planter and pastor, I spent years managing way too much and it weighed me down and stunted our organization’s growth. I can say with absolute certainty that if I had an Exec. Assistant from the start, it would have enabled me to exponentially increase my relational output with the people I served, rather than spending a large chunk of my time on administrative tasks.

That’s why it’s important to use tools like our HOW TO START resource.

⚒️ Here are some tools and tactics our clients use:

  • A shared document or spreadsheet broken up into categories like: NEW, PENDING, and FOLLOW UP.
  • Daily Status Emails from the EA with a summary of accomplishments, pending items, and questions on what they need answered in order to move ahead.
  • Asynchronous Communication via Loom, Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, etc.
  • THE BOOK OF ____” – A collaborative doc that helps keep essential information straight for each client-EA relationship. 

The possibilities are limited to two things:

  1. Can it be done remotely by someone other than you, the client? 
  2. Is it legal and ethical for someone else to do?

💗 The heartbeat of Dream Support has always been to help busy leaders get out of the weeds so that they can focus on what only they can do, which is their area of genius.

Let’s get you the help you need!

-Micah Foster, Co-Owner