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Just a 💭…

☂️ Imagine someone who has been empowered to reach out to prospects on your behalf, using templates based on your previous communications. They are your right hand in your business.

🗓️ But they also have the code for your gated community and when you invite guests over for dinner, they’ll send out a calendar invite with the time, location and gate code embedded in the invite. They’re also your gith hand in your personal life.

Is that an appropriate use of a remote Executive Assistant?

With Dream Support it is!

Our assistants understand that we are serving the individual and whatever is beneficial for the individual client is best for the overall organization or business that foots the bill.

We also understand that your scope of responsibility aren’t limited to work and home. Maybe you have a short-term rental or another side-project coming up. These are all great things to tune your EA into so that you can maximize your investment with them.

Of course there are boundaries or limits:

  1. It must be legal and ethical
  2. It must be something that can be done or managed remotely 

So yes, they can schedule that appointment for your husky to get groomed AND they are your right hand person in your business, making sure your priorities are on the calendar and the details are handled. 

-Micah Foster, Co-Owner