green forest

It’s every busy leader’s big hurdle, “How do I begin to involve others in my business? I’m the limiter. I’m in my own way.”

The solution can be as unique as the person… but there is a common denominator and I’ve talked about it many times; you need processes and procedures. See my SOP Generating Machine method.

🤮 I know. 

You didn’t get into business to have constraints, but more freedom. But I want to encourage you with this thought:

We’re not making rules that you have to follow!

We’re 🔍 identifying patterns and we’re 🔥 blazing a trail that enables others to do what you instinctively do or what you are not wired to do.

Think of it like this…

A discovery call, in addition to answering your questions, is aimed at answering two questions for me:

  1. Do they need help? 
  2. Can we help them? 

An introduction call, where I personally introduce you to a personally matched remote Executive Assistant, aims to answer these two questions:

  1. Is this Executive Assistant the right fit for you? 
  2. Are you the right fit for this EA? 

Our kick off call aims to set you both up for success. 🎉

For most people, they’re unsure how to do this work. 

They don’t know what an EA can do, should do or where to start. 🤔

I liken it to hiking through the Amazon Rainforest 🌳 to find the Amazon River 💦. Once you find the river, you know things will start speeding up and you’ll use the momentum of the waters to move things along quickly.

The process of involving others in your business can be daunting for some, and for others… you’re so sick and tired of doing everything yourself that you are ready to hand anything and everything over. I like what Michael E. Gerber says in his book, The E-Myth Revisited:

If you’re ready for help, I’d love to be your guide in getting and working with your remote Executive Assistant!

-Micah Foster, Co-Owner