man jumping over white fence

What has passivity ever gotten you? 🤔

Every opportunity that worked out to be anything of significance in my life required scary and relentless pursuit.

In my experience, nothing great happens by passively waiting.⏰

“Great things come to those who wait”

While that’s a great and comforting thought, I absolutely and unequivocally reject it. 🙅‍♂️

Waiting makes your dreams, your ideas and your pursuits fade into the distance.

Instead… PSP. 🚀

Pursue the dream. ✨

Start before you’re ready. 🏃‍♂️

Pivot when necessary. 🔄

Life either happens to you, or it’s something you create, write, and participate in.

You can be mad that it’s harder for you because of _________,

or you can rise to the occasion and say,

“I’m gonna do it anyway.” 💪

For me, the combo of SELF-DRIVE and FREE WILL is a powerful internal motivator. 💥

Yes, there are seasons that I have to wait for something, but I’m not waiting on me.

I’m waiting on someone or something else and while I wait for them, I’m acting on my part.

Acting can look like learning, improving, honing skills, researching, networking, building, and many other -ings. 📚🛠️

Perhaps a better quote should read, “Great things come to those who actively pursue while waiting on external factors.” 🌟🚀

So, what are you waiting for? 

Micah Foster, Co-Owner