man and woman near table

All you need is One Willing Connector 🔗 to unlock 🔓 an entire social circle for your business or mission. 

👋 One willing referral. 

📧 One intro email or group text.

One, “Hey X, meet Y. Y needs a/n ____ and I told them about what you’ve done for me. I trust you two to connect from here. Let me know if I can help.

I stumbled upon this…

After years of trying to buy the right media placements, ad placements and utilize the right marketing strategies… nothing I’ve done has come close to working as well as a happy client introducing me to their network for the sole purpose of helping their friend. 

 So, I’m asking you two things:

  1. Who is your ideal client or customer? Perhaps I know a guy. 
  1. Who do you know that would greatly benefit from a remote Executive Assistant?

Perhaps the best way for all of us to 🌳 our businesses and expand our mission impact, is to keep introducing 🤝🏻 each other to other great people who could use what we have or do.

-Micah Foster, Co-Owner