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Months ago I had someone come to me asking for help in finding their Executive Assistant. 

I found someone who fit their parameters and offered to introduce them, and then…


A couple of weeks later, after several emails, texts and messages, they replied in a text thread:

“Hey! I’m so sorry! I’ve been swamped…cue my hunting “

Cue can mean two things:

1. Begin. 

2. Hold off. 

I replied:

No problem ****. When you say ‘cue’ are you asking me to hold on for a later date or begin?”


Later that day:

“****, Waiting on clarification for the ⬆️ “


A few days later, I sent an email.

A few days later, I left a voicemail.

A few months later, I sent a voice note.

Friday, I sent another email.


What they don’t know is that I will continue to follow up until they either get the help they need through us OR they let me know they got the help they need somewhere else.

Each time I reach out, it only takes a couple of minutes or less.

I’m assuming…

  • They’re swamped.
  • They desperately need help.
  • We will eventually be the ones to make it happen.

What if I’m wrong? 

It costs me some time and energy.

What if I’m right? 

**** will thank me for not giving up and they’ll find the help they need AND it will provide a working opportunity for someone else who has the skills.

So the question is…

Who still needs some help out there?

-Micah, Co-Owner