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We all know the feeling of going on vacation 🏖️ or taking a well-deserved break, only to be constantly checking email and worrying about work.

This past Summer I took 10 days off, in a row, with ALL NOTIFICATIONS SILENCED. That was a first for me, and I didn’t realize how bad I needed it.

The first few days were a bit of a detox and then something magical happened, I let it go and I almost forgot about it altogether. 

There’s one thing that made that possible- my two EAs. 🥳

Think about it, what if some things could move forward, even when you’re OOO (out-of-office)?

Here’s how your remote EA can take care of your email while you’re OOO: 📩 🏖️

1️⃣ Set Clear Instructions:

Before you head out, provide your EA with clear guidelines on how to handle your email during your absence. Let them know which messages need immediate attention, which ones can be handled later, and how to respond on your behalf.

2️⃣ Filter and Prioritize:

Your remote EA can sort through your inbox, flagging urgent and important messages that require immediate action. They can filter out spam, newsletters, and other non-essential emails, ensuring you only focus on what truly matters.

3️⃣ Respond and Delegate:

When it comes to responding to emails, your EA can draft and send replies on your behalf, following your established guidelines and tone. For any requests or tasks that require your attention, your EA can delegate them to the appropriate team members or schedule them for your return.

4️⃣ Triage and Escalate:

Your EA acts as a gatekeeper, triaging emails and handling routine inquiries. They can provide initial responses, gather necessary information, and escalate any urgent matters to the relevant team members.

5️⃣ Maintain Professionalism:

Your remote EA is well-versed in maintaining professionalism and upholding your brand image. They understand the importance of timely and courteous communication, ensuring that your clients, partners, and colleagues receive the support they need even when you’re away.

By entrusting your inbox to your remote EA, you can disconnect from the email overload and truly relax during your time off.

So, go ahead, book that vacation, plan that getaway, and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your essential communication is in good hands. 🌴💌

If you’re ready to experience the freedom of unplugging without worrying about missed emails, reach out to me for a chat. I’d be delighted to explore how a remote EA can support you in a variety of ways.

Wishing you a week filled with productivity, relaxation, and the joy of knowing your remote EA has your back!

-Micah Foster, Co-Owner