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We’ve recently hit a big milestone 🥳 that has me doing some serious reflecting on the first chapter of the Dream Support storybook, our humble beginnings and the art of starting small and scaling slowly.

Many of you know that I draw a lot of inspiration and guidance from the Bible 📖 and that I previously worked in a number of churches, and even started one with a small core team in my hometown. I’ll probably never be able to completely take off that Pastor hat, which is why you’ll find life and leadership lessons in my emails and writing.

Here’s one small verse from the Bible that I find truly inspiring:

“Do not despise these small beginnings,
for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.”

– Zechariah 4:10 (NLT)

Greatness often emerges from the tiny seeds of humble beginnings.

In the early days my wife, Erica, was a solo act. She was an Executive Assistant, supporting a few leaders through a small company, much like Dream Support, and eventually found her way to supporting just one client, nearly full-time, Zach Clark.

Zach lives in St. Louis and we live in California. So they were zooming long before it was trendy. Fast forward a few years and Zach’s network, and then our network, started asking for Erica’s help.

The Problem: She had no more time. 🕰️

After a couple of years, I looked at her and said…

“We need to figure this out. People come to you for help. But you can’t help them. Then they go to Google and don’t know who to trust… so they don’t get the help they need.”

Her response, “You go ahead and figure it out.”

And so I did, but with her guidance and help, of course!

Dream Support began at the tail end of 2018, with just one small client and with the goal of providing a helpful service while creating an extra stream of income for our family.

What I didn’t know… 

There was a pandemic 😷 around the corner that would accelerate our growth, without any marketing efforts.

Looking back, I can see divine fingerprints knitting something incredible together. As the pandemic lingered, Dream Support grew and demanded more and more of my focus and time.

God built a financial bridge for our family through this business while He also worked some key relationships to build a bridge for our ministry into another local church.

It’s been two years since we made the full-time jump into our business and much of our growth has happened in these last two years. 

In November 2023, we hit our first big milestone, over $1,000,000 in top-line revenue since our humble beginnings!

A Million Thanks to You 🎉

This achievement is not just ours; it’s yours too. Your trustcollaboration, and dreams, along with our amazing EAs, have made this possible.

Without incredible clients, who continue to refer their network to us, we would be nowhere close to that kind of milestone. 

🥂 So, here’s to you!

As we reminisce about our small beginnings, we also look forward to the limitless possibilities ahead. Zechariah’s words echo in our journey, reminding us that every dream, no matter how small, is a cause for celebration.

Thank you for being part of this remarkable journey. Here’s to millions of dreams realized together!

Cheering You On,

If you’ve got some pending changes in your life or want to see a bit of where we’ve come from?

Watch this 2021 vlog about change. 

And yes, Dream Support started in a garage, just like most of your favorite companies. 😉

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