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Fear in Business is NOT FUN. 👎

Yet, most busy leaders are decidedly paralyzed by FEAR! 😱

What would happen if we took FEAR out of the business equation? 🤔

Let me say it this way…

I’m not a believer in luck, 🍀 but I understand it’s allure. The idea is that apart from your own ability, or control, you can be lucky or unlucky. Being lucky without any effort is an appealing framework. Imagine, you’re born and everything you touch turns to gold, like the Greek Mythology of King Midas (You know… The Midas Touch🤴).

Now that would be truly amazing! So, like I said, it’s alluring.

Even though I don’t believe in luck, I do believe in divine intervention. Meaning, God could reach out and change things apart from your efforts at any time for His purposes.

But let’s get back to things in your control. 🤗  And according to many experts and authors who study the nature of “lucky people,” a lot hinges on your willingness to take RISKS.

Recently I came across an old Forbes article about the 5 Habits of Lucky People. Here are the main points, with my own interpretation in italics, on how to become a “lucky” 🍀 person:

  1. Being Intentional Live on purpose for a purpose greater than yourself.
  2. Paying it ForwardFreely you have received, freely give. 
  3. Practicing GratitudeUnexpressed Gratitude is Ingratitude. Who do you owe a thank you to?
  4. Keeping PerspectiveDon’t sweat the small stuff.
  5. Building a NetworkIsolation leads to self-destruction and purpose-driven community leads to unforeseeable gain.

Now does that sound like people are born lucky? Not to me. 🤗

It seems far more likely that they put in a lot of hard work and the “luck” they experience is, at least in part, a result of their decisions, hard work and willingness to take risks.

In other words, if you want to be lucky, take risks. 🚀

If you want to be unlucky, let fear hold you back. 😨

Like I said, I don’t believe in luck. 🍀 But I think taking appropriate and informed risks ✔️ makes you exponentially more likely to accomplish big and important things with your life, relationships and business. 🌟

So ditch that fear, take informed risks and… good luck out there.