photo of people doing handshakes

Here are the five ways I fill up my prospect pipeline in order of what has been most effective for me: 👇

  1. Referrals
  2. Networking
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Targeted Outreach
  5. Cold Outreach

Let me break those down…

🏁 Referrals are the FIRST and BEST way I get great clients.

There is high trust and they come in educated on what we do.

In other words, they know what we do, and how we do it and they’re ready for it.

🎥 I utilize virtual Networking apps like LunchClub and I’ve joined some private Slack groups to connect with like-minded people who might connect me to someone I can help.

📨 For Content Marketing I use social, landing pages and MailChimp to gather interested people. Creating and sharing high quality content that will help others who are interested in maximizing their investment in a Remote Executive Assistant.

🎯 Targeted Outreach is a new part of my strategy. I’m looking into small office complexes that have small businesses with a small staff in specific geographic locations. I have my EA establish a connection that turns into a call or zoom with me and we go from there.

❄️ The Coldest of Outreach! I’m using a tool called Apollo to search out specific people and then I craft a message for them to become aware and educated about our remote Executive Assistant solutions, with the hope that they need the help I offer or will connect me with someone else who needs us.

How do you fill your prospect pipeline?

Micah Foster, Co-Owner