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What I’m about to share is ever-evolving and maturing. But there’s no sense in hoarding the information until I say it perfectly. It’s better to share the raw material and get your feedback and insight as I go, of which I welcome.

I’ve uncovered what I’m calling the…

5 Levels of Effectively Working with your Remote Executive Assistant

And over the next few posts, I’ll concentrate on sharing one level at a time.

Level 1: Clear the Overwhelm

When you come my way, it’s not by accident. You don’t stumble into an introduction. You are looking to clear the overwhelm in your business 💼 and/or life 🏡.

We check-in at the two-week, 30-day and 60-day marks to ask some simple questions and help us celebrate or recalibrate.

And let me tell you, it fuels me to see you succeed, especially when the feedback is like this one…

(Read the twitter thread here to see the questions.)

For some, it’s overwhelming to work with their Remote Executive Assistant because they aren’t sure what to give them or how. That’s why we provide a tool called HOW TO START to shock your to-do list. Utilizing that resource helps you figure out what you can AED (Automate, Eliminate and Delegate).

There are three ESSENTIALS needed to quickly get a great ROI on your investment and will help Clear your Overwhelm:

  1. 📣 Regular Communication – A weekly huddle + asynchronous communication throughout the week keeps the focus on the right priorities. 
  2. 📖 Open Access – Proper and complete access to accounts and services needed to get the job done.
  3. ✍️ Immediate Feedback – Make adjustments as you go. Don’t wait three weeks to give any constructive or encouraging feedback.

Pair these three ESSENTIALS with your starter DELEGATE list from the resource above and you’ll be off and running with your new Remote Executive Assistant!

 -Micah Foster, Co-Owner